How to recognize a fake work of art?

You are passionate about works of art, you want to buy works of art. There are works of art on the market whose authenticity leaves something to be desired. We give you the tips to recognize the fake from the real.

Recourse to specialists

This is one of the most effective and at the same time least used techniques. This may seem rather paradoxical but it is a fact. Indeed, the specialist is an experienced observer who can easily define the originality or not of a work.
They intervene above all during art transactions. They are most often called upon by the acquiring party. They can also be asked to ensure that the work in question is really worth its price. But other methods of authenticity verification are increasingly in vogue.

The use of science

There is nothing more accurate than science. And when it comes to detecting fake or real works, it has seen many developments. For example, it is a technique that makes it possible to verify the quality of the materials used to produce the work.
This process makes it possible to detect any discrepancies between the time the work was produced and the time the materials used were available. This way you can easily recognize a fake work of art.
Science also allows you to have a certain amount of detail about the artist who is supposed to have produced the work. So you can see any discrepancies between the work and the methods of the supposed artist. These are all scientific techniques that are sure to be useful to you.

Recourse to documents

This is a classic method of verifying the authenticity of a work. It is characterized by the verification of different elements of the work such as the stamp for example. But also, you can check the presence of the work in the different catalogs of various art museums.
There are also many other methods to easily identify fake work. They vary from one technology to another but all serve the same purpose. By applying these methods rigorously, you will have an easier time knowing the fake from the real.