Top 10 festive décor ideas


Ever year, in a hurry to brighten our homes for the festive season, setting up the Christmas tree often takes more time and sometimes we find it as a frustrating venture. In any case, did you realize that decorating and adorning the tree doesn’t need to be distressing? Here are the main 10 approaches to make setting up your Christmas tree a speedy and anxiety free job:

  1. Make sure you place all the decorations in the same spot. If you place different part of the tree in different locations, then you need to spend extra time to find those items.


  1. Before setting up the tree, check if all the lights work well.
  2. Arrange all the decorations in a proper way. Do not mix strings of lights with glittering decorations. Then you will find it difficult to untangle the light. Hence organize it well.
  3. Most of the people always make this mistake of placing all the glass ornaments on the Christmas tree first. But, while decorating the tree, make sure you place the lights, garland and the tinsel first. In the end, arrange all the delicate items on the tree. Sometimes, unexpectedly while putting the lights, you may knock off the fragile items.
  4. When you hanging all those ornaments on the tree, if you are still utilizing those old rusted metal hooks, then throw them right now. Discard them and replace it with much more secure ornament clips. This way you will spend less time in attaching on to the tree.
  5. On the off chance that your tree does not come with color coded branches, purchase some permanent colored markers or colored tape and make an effort to do it yourself. Wrap the base of every branch in a little bit of shaded tape.
  6. Next, if you do not have that tree stand with rollers attached, then purchase one. Placing the tree in the right spot can be more tiresome than setting it up. Moreover you can buy that item online. Yet you’ll be happy you spent the cash once you understand how much simpler your tree is to move when it’s on wheels.
  7. On the off chance that the tree is broken toward the season’s end, repair it before you place it your store room. After the festive season is over, we just dump everything inside the box and not think about it until next year. However if you fix it before hand, then it saves you a lot of time.


  1. Toward the season’s end when you’re putting away the tree away, arrange it in the right order. For instance, the tree stand and directions ought to be the first thing you take out of the crate, not the last!
  2. Even better, in the event that you have the space, consider putting away your Christmas tree completely assembled. It is a good idea to purchase storage bags for the tree, making the procedure of setting up the tree less complex.