Decor and Cleaning The right way


No need to panic if you are in charge with cleaning up your house and making your decor look good.

We all know it can be quite a tricky job to get everything done in time, but this doesn’t mean it’s a helpless cause. So take a deep breath, put on your rubber gloves and some upbeat music and get to work. But first, keep reading so that you can find out some tips that may actually help you and make your life easier in the future.

Furniture: Ok….

so you have a friend who has never heard of coasters, or is simply too stubborn to use one. The result is pretty bad, but not un-fixable. You are now stuck with a perfectly circular water mark. Like I said, no need to worry, you can definitely fix this. You just need to rub that area with some Vaseline. It’s important that you let it work for about 24 hours then wipe it off with a soft piece of cloth. If the mark isn’t completely gone, you can repeat this process. Another thing you could use to solve this issue is toothpaste. Yes, believe it or not toothpaste works wonders when it comes to furniture. Just keep in mind to use regular toothpaste, not gel…

If you have certain doubts and are not sure whether or not you will end up ruining your furniture, you can definitely test the Vaseline or the toothpaste on a corner that is not visible. Or you can also call up professional cleaning, Pro cleaning has the best maids in Toronto.


Kettle: So you’re the old fashioned type and you’ve been making your coffee in a kettle all your life. This means that the kettle you currently own is in quite a rough state. There’s definitely no need to go and buy a new one, since you can make yours as new all over again. You only need to fill half of it with water and let it on the stove until it starts boiling. Once it started boiling take it off the stove and pour vinegar over the hot water, until the kettle is full. Let this hot water-vinegar magic mixture work for a couple of hours or even overnight. The results will be amazing. It’s important to properly rinse the kettle after this cleaning process. So throw out the vinegar-water mixture, fill it up with water and let it boil again. You may need to repeat this for a couple of times just to make sure it’s safe to use it again.

Pen stains: Well, thanks to your incredibly creative kids now you have to deal with ink stains on your couch! It really does look bad, but it doesn’t mean you can’t save the day. What you need to do is take a clean sponge, soak it in milk (yes, that’s right, regular, plain old milk) and start blotting at the stain. You may need to insist for a couple of minutes, but the ink stain will eventually break down.