Designing the perfect room for your kids


Ever since they are born, kids tend to be the main concern of their parents. Anything from what they eat to how they dress, to education and health is a big deal. But we are here to talk about the perfect way to decorate their rooms in order to stimulate their imagination and to create their own universe where they can feel safe and protected.

Designing the room for a newborn


You already know if the little one is a boy or a girl and you want to give him or her the perfect welcome home. You already want them to have their own things and their own room, so that they can begin to develop that wonderful personality you know they will have. So you went ahead and bought the crib, the cabinets, the carpet, the nightlight, but there still seems to be something missing. The room still seems to be empty and it lacks some personality, not to mention charm. What is there to be done? Well, first of all, you definitely need to lighten up the mood and do something about those walls.

You can use stickers, wallpaper, or you can paint it yourself, just don’t leave the walls so boring. Use Disney or Marvel characters, you definitely have loads of options. Anything from princes and princesses, to superheroes and jungle animals will do.

Given the fact that you kid isn’t born yet, he doesn’t even know who Ariel or Iron Man are, so you’ll have to make some decisions for him. Once you have applied the wallpaper you can already see an improvement. You can already see that the room is more vibrant and cheerful. So all you need to do is just add some stickers to make everything even more interesting. The great thing about this decorating trick is that it will last for at least a couple of years especially since characters like Tom and Jerry or Donald Duck will never get old.

Decorating the room for preschoolers

Every 5 year old knows exactly what characters he likes, so this time it will be much easier. You only need to ask. The trick is really the same as before: just use wallpaper. You can even apply it on top of the old one if you get one larger or that is the same size.

You can also use stickers that glow in the dark, or even more functional ones that help you measure the little one and see how much he’s grown. This would be a perfect time to also change the furniture a bit. Add a desk and a chair so he can have his own “working space”, add more cabinets and even some extra accessories such as pillows and drapes.

Either way, the best thing to do from now on is to discuss future changes. Ask him what he wants, set a budget and do it. As long as your kid doesn’t have any extravagant ideas, you should be fine.