Great ideas for decorating your bedroom


There’s really no need to panic when you plan on redecorating your bedroom. We know it’s the most intimate room in your house and that you would want it to represent you but also be comfortable, warm and welcoming. Well, none of that is impossible to achieve. You only need some patience and some imagination. And if you happen to lack the latter, we’ve come to rescue you! Here are some ideas you might find useful for your bedroom.

Most people don’t know this, but simple ideas and simple changes are the ones that can turn you bedroom from boring to amazing in a heartbeat. So this is the first piece of advice you are going to get: keep it simple! Nobody really likes intricate designs and loads of detail, not even you!

The first things you will need for a comfortable and welcoming bedroom are pillows. You can never go wrong with pillows and, most importantly, you can never have nough pullows in your bdroom. So go ahead and get as many pillows as you can and pile them up on your bed. Don’t be afraid to mix different sizes and shapes. That will only give the room a more playful look. The thing with pillows is that they work as a charm, no matter what kind of a look you are going for. If you are the straight as an arrow type who always likes to have things neat and organized, then go ahead and organize your pillows. Stack them from small to big or by color and you will surely get the desired effect. On the other hand, if you are more of a creative person that doesn’t mind asymmetric things, then don’t be afraid to get as many shapes, sizes and colors when it comes to pillows.


If you have an empty wall above your bed, it’s definitely time to change that! What you need is a big, graphic painting to solve this problem. This is especially effective if you have a modest bedroom with little to no color or without any element that can stand out. So the first thing you need to do is to measure just how large the wall is and go shopping for a piece of art. Another great idea would be to paint that wall yourself. That way you know you got something you like and that represents you. Find something online, get some stencils and get your hands dirty.

Last, but not least, pick a corner of your bedroom where to put an interesting armchair. This will come in handy for lazy Sunday afternoons, when all you want to do is drink a glass of wine and read a good book. Just make sure to get the armchair so that it matches the drapes, even if it seems to be a bold color. The effect will surely be a pleasant one.