4 Ways to Enhance Your Wall Graphic

One of the most innovative ways to personalize anyone’s bedroom is through wall graphic. I am not confident in painting or drawing free-hand pictures and am not really proud of my artistic abilities. Then the other alternative is to use projections or stencils, and this definitely helps you to make a neater design. You can even enhance your wall graphic through the usage of some dramatic colors. When you try to paint just the accent wall with some bold colors, then it makes your room zing without being too gaudy. Whatever methods one chooses, you should always go for colors and designs that match your personality.


  1. Dramatic color

Try to learn the basic color theory and check how different warm (oranges, yellow, reds) hues changes the way your room looks. Basically any warm hues will make the wall appear closer towards the eye. Hence select a wall that can withstand being fore-shortened. Therefore pick a wall which is the longest or farthest one in the room. Using this particular color theory, painting an end wall in narrow and long room will make it look more balanced in size. Try avoiding painting any side wall with dark hues.


  1. Stickers and stencils

You can enhance those walls with some fun and funky wall stickers. One can purchase these stickers online or in home décor store. There is a wide range of patterns and designs, and most of them are priced around 100 dollars per one set. When you get tired of those designs after a year, then you even have the option of removing them without damaging the walls. Another alternative is to use stencils. These stencils can be customized and choose the ones which matches the design layout. To get a neat wall with some well defined designs, then opt for stencils. Even kids can design their wall with these stencils.


  1. Know Placement

With the proper placement of the graphic elements, the custom printed wall graphics can be more eye catching and will give long lasting impression. The placement of the graphic art really matters, since your friends or relatives will see your art work. Never try to paint wall art on each and every surface or wall of the room. As this can make the room more cluttered and unappealing. Before painting any particular design, consider the wall color. If you are not interested in altering the wall color, then choose those designs that match your wall color.

  1. Be radical

Choose something radical and try out spray painting. Wall graffiti will give make your room look more dramatic and bold. If you are a photographer, then post all your favorite snaps on the wall. If you want to tone it down, then go for sophisticated and simple designs. Depending on your personality, it is up to you to use abstract or simple designs. I choose some various types of materials to create custom wall graphics. You can even try using fabric or wooden boards to enhance your wall graphics.